Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bachelorette Party Banner Tutorial

Bachelorette Party Banner

Materials used:           Tools Used:

* Spray adhesive                      *   Cutter                          
* Brads                                  *   Scissors
* Crepe ribbon                         *   Drop Cloth or paper
 * Three colors of paper              Measuring tape
* Embellishments                      * Clean work surface  
                                    *  Slide cutter

   Step 1) 

   Die-cut all letters and 
   corresponding shadows. 
   (I used different shadow   
   colors for impact.)

Step 2)  Using spray adhesive on back of letter, adhere one by one to corresponding shadow. 

Step 3)  Using spray adhesive or brads, affix letters to crepe paper. Embellish. (Less is more.)

Step 4)  Die-cut boxes to transport letters. Make tags out of leftover paper.

      Post-die-cut paper is so hard to throw away. Confetti?

 Project by Renee Neumann

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