Friday, July 26, 2013

Pinterest Combination!

Pinterest Combination: 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make it Match Glitter Update

Make it Match Glitter Update

I was in the bathroom tidying up when i stared looking around at all the miss matched decorations. We just got new towels and painted the walls, so I really wanted the d├ęcor to go with the rest of the room. I started gathering the random paintable objects and then I swear the glitter and Mod Podge hopped right up and out of the box and up onto the table next the paint brush.  After I was finished, my kitchen was covered in glitter.
Here is the tutorial.

Step 1
Prep all the objects by unscrewing knobs and washing the dust off. Let dry.


Step 2  
Paint each object. I chose a trial size container of Valspar paint, but barely used any.

Step 2
Coat with Mod Podge, making sure to fully cover every surface except the back and or bottoms, depending on the piece.

Step 4
Repeat step 2 using glitter instead.
When dry, reattach knobs.