Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pretty up a plain card cage

I've been in love with bird cages since childhood so when I found out I could get a cage for my wedding cards I was hooked! 
So then the search began. 
I had a limit in my head that I wasn't willing to budge on. $20. I searched high and low, from the Iron Range to Stillwater, and couldn't find a unique vintage card cage. Then we found it. An all white cage. It wasn't unique. It was the same as the one behind, and sold in bulk to party and craft stores. $19.99. Luckily I had the Joann app on my phone with a 50% coupon! I was able to buy the card cage and the flat marbles and still stay under my limit.

What you need:
Plain card cage
Flat marbles in 2 sizes (could use river rocks, beads, etc)
Hot glue gun 

Very easy to do.
Step 1) roughly arrange the marbles around each other to figure out a pattern

Step 2) glue marbles down 1 at a time as close to the others as possible

Step 3) glue marbles as accent and topper. For my topper I used a big stone with a small on top and anchored it with another stone inside the top

I can't wait to use this for all my parties.

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